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Seneca Bible Baptist Church

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Seneca Bible Baptist Academy

Seneca Bible Baptist Academy offers a K - 12 school. Our curriculum is a collection of ACE, Alpha and Omega, Saxon Math, etc. The school is based on an individualized curriculum. You can call the church for more information. You can also download some of our information in this website.

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Substantial Equivalence

Our school has been deemed "Substantially Equivalent" by the Seneca Falls Central School District Superintendent. This is in accordance with the New York State Education Department, Nonpublic School Division. A copy of the letter is available upon request.

Mission Statement

I.      To teach that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth to die for our sins.


II.     To teach the necessity of being born again by the Spirit of God by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ.


III.    To teach that the Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.


IV.    To teach the application of Biblical ethics and standards of morality to every part of life.


V.     To teach the students to manifest fairness, courtesy, kindness, and other Christian graces.


VI.    To relate the various subject matters with the truth of the Bible.


VII.   To teach the students to apply him or herself to their work and to fulfill their various responsibilities to God, others, and self.


VIII.  To teach the students to think for themselves and to stand up for their personal Biblical convictions in the face of pressure.


IX.    To show the students their present civic responsibility and to prepare them for adult responsibility as a citizen of Heaven and our nation.


Weekly Services:  SUNDAY 9:45 AM  11 AM  6 PM  WEDNESDAY  7 PM

Contact Us:  315.568.9100 | 1859 US Route 20 |  Seneca Falls, NY 13148


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